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New Cars Under 10000

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The 3 new cars under $10,000:

 2012-nissan-versa  2012 Nissan Versa
starting MSRP*
 2012-hyundai-accent  2012 Hyundai Accent
starting MSRP*
 2012-smart-fortwo  2012 Smart Fortwo
starting MSRP*

Ten years ago, finding a high quality car under 10000 would be simply silly to do. The car would not be as nice as you’d like, the seating would be uncomfortable to say the least, and in general you would likely not be very happy with the car you end up purchasing. Therefore, until just recently, people tended to look for used cars under 10000 instead of opting for news cars under 10000. It just didn’t make any sense and there was no justification possible on getting a new car, if a used car would be so much more enjoyable, better and actually make the driver feel as if he got a good purchase.

So what has changed? Why is there such a sudden rush to get cars to consumers in these crazy low prices? And an even better question would be to ask why these new cars under 10 thousand dollars are some of the highest efficiency cars as far as fuel economy is concerned? How is this in the best interest of the car makers, who need to make huge profits to ensure staying in business? The answer lies in the volume of cars that the carmakers have been able to sell. These affordable cars are selling so fast, in fact, that more and more premium brands such as BMW and Audi have plans to make these ultra portable and affordable cars in the near future, such as the BMW i3.

Now that we understand why there are so many choices, here are the top 3 cars that you can buy for under 10,000.

Top new cars under 10000

#1 2012 Nissan Versa



Nissan’s tend to be exciting, fun and efficient cars, especially in the affordable sector. People love the way the Nissan Versa drives, offer nice, smooth movement in the well placed manual shift. The clutch can feel heavy at times, however, and the interior fit and finish is not one of the best. So why is this car ranked #1 by our US News Car Ratings type post? The value. The car gets excellent MPG (30 City, 38 HWY), and the car has a nice elegant look to it, making the car feel like it should cost a lot more than just 10,000 dollars.

#2 2012 Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent is a much better car than the Nissan Versa, but because of the starting price being barely under 10,000 dollars, this new car under 10000 doesn’t really qualify. For example, there is only around 100 models made without any options at all, and therefore the under 10000 model is hard to include in this pack. But drive well it does. The excellent and nimble engine offered with the Accent is a breeze and fun to drive. The fuel economy comes in at a fuel sipping 30/40 MPG for city and highway driving respectively. The car doesn’t disappoint with the interior fit and finish; there is best in class seating and driving position, in addition to the lowest road noise.

The choice is clear. If you have an extra thousand dollars to spend, the Hyundai Accent is your buddy. But if you are strapped for cash and you need an option, the excellent Versa is a much better choice than any other car in this segment. If you are looking for a car that is in a slightly more expensive, but extremely rewarding budget, we suggest you check out the new cars under 20000 post we wrote a few weeks ago.

*The price shown is based on the lowest priced trim level using the manufacturer’s retail price, excluding taxes, titles and registration fees. ² Total rebates and incentives available are estimated and may vary based on vehicle, trim level, and or region; see dealer for details. Pricing indicated may be less than MSRP, it is based on the lowest MSRP minus the estimated available incentives offered by the manufacturer; see dealer for details.

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The Nissan Versa

Aug 09, 2013 by ronny

The Nissan Versa is such a good car for the money. I think you are being to harsh on a car that is this cheap. For the money you are spending, this car is a sure 5/5. It's fun, its quick and it really keeps you interested in the road. I love this car!

Car News, New Cars, Car Reviews , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 The Nissan Versa is such a good car for the money. I think you are being to harsh on a car that is this cheap. For the money you are spending, this car is a sure 5/5. It's fun, its
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